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dynaQ™ Focus

The process and tools used to support an inspection program may vary greatly among departments like safety, quality, and environmental. dynaQ™ integrates all those functions into one package that can be applied across all departments. The software can also be easily tailored to fit any company and integrates the latest mobile technology for unmatched collection efficiency.

The result is a resource that offers companies:

  • Intuitive program design that is easy to learn and use for employees at all levels
  • Accurate data collection at the point of discovery
  • In-field access to company policies and regulatory references
  • On-demand data retrieval and report generation
  • Data roll-up for analyzing patterns, trends, or best practices
  • Tracking of corrective action through closure

Collect, Report & Measure, Track & Manage

dynaQ™ focuses on enhancing three essential elements of regulatory management: