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Human Factors Integration Tool (HFIT™)

Kestrel’s Human Performance Reliability (HPR) process enables companies to identify, understand, and ultimatelyhfit_4c_bydynaq manage the underlying contributing factors to human error. Effectively implementing the improvements identified through HPR requires a robust management tool that can collect, measure, and communicate HPR inputs and outputs.

Kestrel’s Human Factors Integration Tool (HFIT™) is the software companion to the HPR process that allows our team to assess current safety incidents, streamline the review process, and manage incident data.

With efficiency at its core, HFIT™ is designed to streamline and standardize the HPR process. In addition, HFIT™ helps companies to:

  • Integrate human factor analyses into their incident investigation processes
  • Identify underlying factors contributing to unintended events (e.g., incidents and accidents, environmental releases, air emission events, product quality deviations, food safety events, medical mistakes)
  • Link identified human factors to specific operational controls that are missing or need improvement to reduce the likelihood of incidents
  • Reveal immediate local and systemic improvement actions
  • Identify system-wide opportunities for improvement in the prevention of unintended events